State Portal

What is the State Portal?
The State Portal acts as a one stop access for all information pertaining to the Government of Nagaland. All Departmental data are compiled & presented through the portal under web coverage.
What are the objectives of the State Portal
The objective of the State Portal & SSDG scheme are as follows:
  • Providing easy access anywhere and anytime to Government Services.
  • Reducing the number of citizen visits to Government offices / Departments for availing various citizen centric services.
  • Reducing administrative burden and service fulfillment time & costs for the Government, Business and Citizens.
  • Reduce direct interaction of citizen with the Government and encourage ‘e’-interaction and efficient communication through the State Portal.
  • Enhance perception & image of the Government and delivery of services through Common Service Centres (CSCs) by availing the common infrastructure facilities such as the State Wide Area Network (SWAN), State Data Center(SDC) etc.
  • Promote uniform web interface across Government Departments and to build synergies with the National Portal of India (NPI) using the National Service Delivery Gateway (NSDG).
  • Publish static data and provide information to all Government Departments in line with the guidelines of the Central Government.

Technical Queries

How do I submit technical queries for the State Portal?
Any technical queries related to the State Portal may be directed to the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Nagaland.
How do I report cyber security issues related to the State Portal?
Cyber security issues may be reported to the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Nagaland.
How do I access (Department) e-service or submit query for (Department) e-Service?
Technical Queries not related to the State Portal are to be sent to the concerned Department. List of Departments with thier contact information can be found here
Does the State Portal store any user data?
Usage & storage of personal information is covered under our privacy policy which can be found here. User IP address and location may be logged for security purpose.


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