Shri. La Ganesan

Governor of Nagaland

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Shri. La Ganesan was born in a temple town of Tanjore, the granary of South and the erstwhile capital of medieval Cholas in the year 1945. Born in an orthodox Bhramin family, his association with the Nationalist movement RSS was well ahead of his schooling, since his family was associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.


At the age of 9, Shri La Ganesan’s father, Shri Lakshmi Raghava Iyer, a respectable businessman of the town, passed away, hence he was compelled to take up a government job in the Revenue Department, as Revenue Settlement Inspector, after completing his Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC).


Being wedded to the cause of the motherland, he preferred to be a bachelor all through his life and he chose to be the Pracharak of RSS in order to serve the Nation. Thus he resigned his government job, after working for 9 years and started working for the betterment of the people and their cause, through RSS, as a Pracharak.


In 1975, when the state of emergency was imposed on this country, he was the Chief Organizer, in Tamilnadu, of the movement, which worked to restore democracy back in the country.

His role in protecting the Hindu interest in Meenakshipuram Conversions and Mandaikkadu communal riots were well appreciated by the nationalist leaders of yester years. His tireless efforts to bring peace and unity among Hindus in the cast nerve centers of Tamilnadu like Puliangudi, Ramanathapuram, etc bore fruits leading to the harmony among the people. Being thorough with the culture, history, geography and other social nuances of Tamilnadu, he has been very successful in the public life.


When he was appointed as the Joint State Organizer of Tamilnadu RSS, he was asked to serve in the BJP to broaden the base of the party, in 1991. He strengthened the party at the grass roots levels and gave recognition to the party among the people of Tamilnadu. He served in the positions Organizing Secretary of State BJP, National Secretary, All India Vice President and was appointed as State President of Tamil Nadu. Due to his untiring efforts in Public life and the acumen he possessed, he was nominated as Member of Parliament, in Rajya Sabha, from Bhopal constituency and served for a brief period of 18 months. He was a member of the National Executive Committee of BJP since 1991 and was very regular in attending all the Executive meetings till the time he was a member of the party.

He had been the editor of the Tamil mouth piece of the party “Ore Naadu” (One Nation) and also he contributes articles and columns to the mainstream magazines.


He was the founder President of “Pottramarai” (Golden Lotus), an Association working for facilitating and fostering Tamil scholars all over the world. Pottramarai has been recognizing and encouraging Tamil Scholars and Tamil Literary works and Musicians and Artists for over 15 years. 


Being well travelled all over the Country, Shri Ganesan is well versed with different languages like Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu and Malayalam.


Shri Ganesan can compose lyrics instantly on various themes more especially on Patriotism and National integration. He is also a good singer and many of his songs are popular in RSS and BJP.


Simplicity, Honesty, Humility, Benevolence and Patriotism define Shri La Ganesan perfectly. An Eloquent Orator, with a touch of Humour and a Powerful Debater, Shri La Ganesan is respected by all the Senior Politicians, Bureaucrats and Business personalities not only in Tamlinadu but throughout India.


As a recognition of his services to the Nation, he has been appointed as the Hon’ble Governor of the state of Manipur by the President of India, from 27th August 2021 till 19th February 2023; and also had been given Additional Charge as Governor of West Bengal from 18th July 2022 to 17th November 2022. As the Hon’ble Governor of Manipur, Shri La Ganesan has travelled widely over all the District head quarters and sub division office and was directly in contact with the people of Manipur.


Shri La Ganesan has now been appointed as the Hon’ble Governor of Nagaland and took oath on 20th February 2023.


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