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Department NameDirectorate of Higher Education
CategoryGovernment To Citizen
Service TitleApplication for Post-matric scholarship for students belonging to the minority(Renewal)
DescriptionOnline Application for Post-matric scholarship for students belonging to the minority(Renewal)
Payment ModeRs. 10
Start Date-
Close Date-

Process for filing e-form for Post-matric Scholarship Minority(Renewal)

  1. "Application for Post-matric scholarship for students belonging to the minority(Renewal)" can be filled Online as well as Offline.
  2. For filling up this e-form Online / Offline, you need to be a registered user with State Portal of Nagaland.
  3. Please click on "Submit Online" button for filing the e-form Online or "Submit Offline" button for filling the e-form Offline.
  4. For filling the details either Online or Offline, apart from your general details, you should be ready with certain details like your complete permanent and correspondence Address, Details of present course of study for which scholarship is being sought, Name and full address of the previous College/Institution from where scholarship was received and other relevant information.
  5. All fields marked as * on e-Form are mandatory fields.
  6. Application for Post-matric scholarship for students belonging to the minority(Renewal) will be processed at Department’s Kohima District Office.
  7. Any wrong / misleading data entered by you in e-Form is bound to get rejected by Department Authorities.
  8. Attachments / Enclosures uploaded by you with the e-form should not exceed file size of 2 MB. If size of uploaded Attachments / Enclosures exceeds 2 MB, your e-form will not be submitted to Department for further processing.
  9. By filing up this form you assure Department that whatsoever information is filled in this e-form is a valid information.
  10. On successful submission of e-Form, a Transaction ID will be generated for the same , which you can use for future reference or tracking your application status. For any further communication with the Department Authorities for your e-Form, please refer to the corresponding Transaction ID.
  11. For filling up the e-form in Offline mode, on clicking "Submit Offline" button, a zip file will be downloaded to your local system. You will be required to extract the zipped file. Fill in your details in [e-form Name].html. You can open [e-form Name].html by Double Clicking on this file.
  12. In the Offline e-form mode, you can save your form details and complete filling it up as and when required. You will be getting a security key for saving the offline form. This security key will be defined by you and when you want to open the form again after closing it, you would be required to provide your security key.
  13. Offline e-Forms can be submitted only when you get online and internet is accessible to you. On clicking the submit button in the e-Form, validation of the e-Form will be done, then you will be required to enter your login ID and Password and log in into the State Portal
  14. If Login ID and Password entered in by you is correct, your Offline e-form will be submitted to the Department. Please refer process point 4-11 for further clarification on e-form.
  15. Besides submitting the e-form on State Portal, a print-out of the form can also be taken, if required, on click of print button on the e-from.

Payment :

  • You will be required to submit the fee amount in cash by physically visiting to the Department with the Transaction Id of submitted e-form.
    Application for Post-matric scholarship
    for students belonging to the minority(Renewal)    Rs. 10
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