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Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu Nagaland CM

Shri Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu

Chief Minister


Name                             :  Dr.Shὒrhozelie Liezietsu 

Date of Birth                   :  20th November,1936

Father’s Name                 :  Late Krusietsὕ Liezietsu             

Present Address               :  Sector A,

                                          Rὒleizou Hill, Kohima-797001,Nagaland.


Educational Qualification:

(a)    Received early education from Baptist Mission School,Kohima.

(b)    Passed Matriculation Examination from Kohima Govt. School in 1955 under Guwahati University.

(c)     Passed Intermediate Arts in 1960 from St.Edmund’s School, Shillong under Guwahati University.

(d)    Passed B.A.(Eco,Hons.) from same College and same University in 1962.

(e)    Passed M.A (Tenyidie) under  Ura Academy Academic Qualification Division in 1983.


Work Experience:

        (a)  Served Nagaland Secretariat as UDA during the early part of 1962.

        (b)  Assistant Teacher, Baptist English School, Kohima in 1962-63.

        (c)  Founder Head Master  of Thinuovicha Memorial School ,Kohima , 1963-1967

        (d)  Member, Nagaland Legislative assembly (1st Term) ,Feb.1969-Feb 1974

        (e) Minister of State, Education (2nd Term) Feb. 1974-May 1975

        (f)  Minister of Education (3rd Term) Oct, 1977-Nov 1982.

        (g) Member of Nagaland Legislative Assembly (4th Term) 1982-1987

        (h) Member of Nagaland Legislative Assembly (5th Term) 1987-1988

        (i) Member of Nagaland Legislative Assembly (6th Term) 1993-1998

        (j) Minister, Planning & Coordination,Urban Development and Higher Education (7th Term) 2003-    


        (k) Minister, Higher & Technical Education, Urban Development (8th Term) 2008-2013

        (l) Treasurer, Naga People’s council,1978-1997

        (m) Secretary General, Nagaland People’s Council,1986-1997 (dual charge)

        (n) President, Naga People’s Front from 2005 – upto date

        (o) Chairman ,Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) and Political Affairs Committee, NPF from

             March 2013…

         (p) Chief Minister of Nagaland at present.


Life Member:

(a)    Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

(b)    Red Cross Society of India

(c)     Bible Society of India

(d)    Ura Dze

(e)    Rifle Association of India

(f)     Nagaland Bharat Scouts & Guides

(g)    Naga People’s Front



(a)  Attended 35th Parliamentary Seminar, London from 2nd to 21st march,1986 on the subject “Westminster Parliamentary Practice and Procedure”.

(b)  Attended World Conference on Disaster Reduction at Kobe ,Japan from 18th -22nd January 2005 sponsored by United Nations Organisation.

(c)    Visited South Korean University at Seoul with official team in November,2007

(d)    Visited Universities and Technical Institution in China with official team in 2010.


     Association with various Government Programme:

(a)  As Minister of Education, introduced new text books for Nagaland schools replacing century old text books in 1980.

(b)  Introduced new system of school building construction in collaboration with Central Building Research Institute, Roorkey and constructed more than 700 school buildings during 1978-1982.

(c)  One of the founding planners for the introduction of Compact  Areas Development Scheme which is now called Local Area Development Fund. M.P.  Local Development Scheme in the country is based on this model.

(d)    Initiated in the decision making for the construction of Nagaland Secretariat Complex at New Kohima.

(e)    Introduced new and uniform text books for all Nagaland Schools in 2005 (Govt.& Private).


Association with various Social Organisations:

(a)    Member, Advisory Body of Kohima Govt.College from 1970 upto date.

(b)    President, Ura academy, the premier Literary Organisation in Nagaland from 1970 upto date.

(c)    Chairman, Nagaland Cooperative Society from 1986 upto date, the premier Cooperative Society registered under Assam,Govt in 1945.

(d)   Founder Advisor, Nourhevi Society, Nagaland; a society working for Integrated Degraded Land Development for ecological balance from 1991 upto date.

(e) Advisor, Save Youth Association of Lhisemia Khel, Kohima Village (SYAL) a centre for treatment of drug addicts/alcoholics.



Novels                               -1.Puo A Meho Tha Zo (She is looking at me)

                                          -2. A Puo Kekhrie (The love of my father)

-3. Methuophemia (Name of a village)

-4.Telhe Mote(Not long after)


       Poetry (Compilation)        -5. Üca (old poems-53 poems)

   -6.  U teiki Geizo (Modern Poems – 154 poems)

   -7. Thenou –rὕtso (Modern Poems – 123 poems)


      Literature:                         -8.MKS Dieda (First Comprehensive Dictionary in Tenyidie)

                                                 -9. Diechie (Rhetoric & Prosody)

-10.Diekhu & Dierozou (Spelling & Word Divisions)

-11.Tenyidie Dze (Tenyidie Literature)


       Adaptation:                        -12. Kijὕrὕ Keneiu Bouhou I (Second World war Vol – 1)

                                                  -13. Kijὕrὕ Keneiu Bouhou II (Second World war Vol – II)

                                                  -14. Kijὕrὕ Keneiu Bouhou III (Second World war Vol – III)

                                      -15. Pejokewau (The Convict)

                                                  -16. Uthemia Dze Bouhou –I (History of mankind Vol-I)

                                      -17. Uthemia Dze Bouhou –I (History of mankind Vol-II)


        Essay:                                  -18. A Ra Kezivi (My Beautiful Homeland Part-I)


        History:                   -19. Utsiepfumia Rὕve (Migration of our forefathers)

                                        -20. Phousanyi (Festival)

                                        -21. Uniedimia Dze (Life history of our forefathers)

                                        -22. Ketholeshii Riinako

                                        -23.Mehouviὕ – Morὕsa (Traditional Play)

                                        -24. Teikado Kedukhri (Adaptation from Julius Caesar)

                                        -25. Peli (Traditional Play)

                                        -26. Rὕsie Kedojὕ Kepetha (Fair Direction –Council)

                                        -27. Ketho mu Keyu (Literature Play)

                                        -28. Khepulie Do (Comical Short Play)

                                        -29. Ruokuothopfii (Biblical –Prodigal Son)

                                        -30. Jὕketa Nuo-u (Biblical –Prodigal Son)

                                        -31. Jakob & Puo Nuonuoko (Biblical Play – Jacob & his children)

                                        -32.Daniel Mhie Thepfulie (Biblical Play- Daniel’s Band)

                                        -33. Jisu Kepenuo (Biblical Play – The Birth of Jesus)

                                        -34. Nehemiah (Biblical Play)


Translation:                        -35. Gandhi Dze (Gandhi’s life)

                                            -36. No Penuo Kesa La Morosuo (Ye must be Born again)

                                            -37. The Greatest Question of Life –Book I & II

                                            -38. The Gospel of st.John

                                            -39. Kesiachὕ & Ruochὕ(HIV & STD)

                                            -40.A Vor... A Mia Ze Kerὕchὕ( I came ...I talked)

                                            -41. N Kelhou Rὕdilie vi.


Others:                                   -42. Yuwe (Old Jokes)

                                               -43. Kerheimvὕ (The Planet)

                                               -44.Raruonuo Ungo Kijὕ nu Kevo (Alice in Wonderland)


Contribution through Ura Academy:

(a)    Updated spelling patterns in Tenyidie

(b)    Introduced Tenyidie in the College level in 1988 and upgraded it to M.A level in 1977 under Nagaland University.

(c)     Conduct Trainings and seminars for Tenyidie Teachers annually

(d)    Regularly organise various cultural programmes.



(a)    Received ‘Honour’ from the Kohima Sahitya Sabha on the occasion of the celebration Sabha’s  Centenary Jubilee in January ,1994 ,the oldest socio-literary-cultural organisation on the North East India.

(b)    Received ‘Honours from Prasar Bharat Broadcasting Corporation of India (All India Radio, Kohima) in February ,1999 for contribution in various ways,

(c)    Received “Classic Award of 2000 “Man of the Year “ for literary achievement from the Classic Club, Kohima.

(d)    Conferred Doctorate in Literature (Honorius Causa)in 2003 by the Nagaland university for Literary contribution to Tenyidie.

(e)    Received ‘Governor’s award’ in 2005 for outstanding achievement & contribution in the field of literature.

(f)      Received ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from International Penguine Publishing House in 2007 for literary publications.

(g)    Received ‘Lifetime Achievement Award ‘ from International Association of Education for World Peace jointly instituted by the Confederation of Indian Universities affiliated to United Nations, ECOSOC,UNDPI,UNESCO & UNICEF.

(h)   Received ‘Silver Elephant Award’ from the President of India in the year 2012 (Highest award in Bharat Scouts & Guides).

(i)      Received from Friendship Forum of India the following certificates:

Indian Gold Award; International Gold Star Award; Bharat Yogyita Award; Human Excellence Award; Outstanding Award for North east Excellence; Jewel of India Gold Award.

Chief Ministers of Nagaland

S.NoNameTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty
1. P.Shilu Ao 1 December 1963 14 August 1966 Naga Nationalist Organisation
2. T.N. Angami 14 August 1966 22 February 1969 Naga Nationalist Organisation
3. Hokishe Sema 22 February 1969 26 February 1974 Naga Nationalist Organisation
4. Vizol Angami 26 February 1974 10 March 1975 United Democratic Front
5. John Bosco Jasokie 10 March 1975 20 March 1975 Naga National Democratic Party
  President's rule 20 March 1975 25 November 1977  
6. Vizol Angami[2] 25 November 1977 18 April 1980 United Democratic Front
7. S.C. Jamir 18 April 1980 26 February 1974 United Democratic Front-Progressive
8. John Bosco Jasokie[2] 5 June 1980 18 November 1982 Naga National Democratic Party
9. S.C. Jamir[2] 18 November 1982 28 October 1986 United Democratic Front-Progressive
10. Hokishe Sema[2] 29 October 1986 7 August 1988 Indian National Congress
  President's rule 7 August 1988 25 January 1989  
11. S.C. Jamir[3] 25 January 1989 10 May 1990 Indian National Congress
12. K.L. Chishi 16 May 1990 19 June 1990 Indian National Congress
13. Vamuzo Phesao 19 June 1990 2 April 1992 Nagaland People's Council
  President's rule 2 April 1992 22 February 1993  
14. S.C. Jamir[4] 22 February 1993 6 March 2003 Indian National Congress
15. Neiphiu Rio 6 March 2003 3 January 2008 Nagaland People's Front
  President's rule 3 January 2008 12 March 2008  
16. Neiphiu Rio [2] 12 March 2008 23 May 2014 Nagaland People's Front
17.T.R. Zeliang24 May 201419 February 2017Nagaland People's Front
18.Dr.Shurhozelie Liezietsu22 February 2017Present Nagaland People's Front
Updated date: 2017-02-22